2 USB charger circuit

This simple usb charger is powerd by any battery or dc supply with an input ranges from 7.5V up to 25V DC. It is very handy, portble and easy to build since uses only at least 3 electronic components.

1-7805 regulator IC
1-USB female socket
battery 7.5V  to 25V or DC supply

optional materials:
C1 - 10uF/25V electrolytic capacitor
C2 - 10uF/10V electrolytic capacitor

Charger diagram and pinouts:

7805 regulator pinouts
USB pins and Functions
USB cable and Device pinouts
Charger Schematic diagram
You can use this charger to charge your cellphones, iPod, mp3 players or any devices that uses USB power as its charging source or supply.