4 How to make Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

ferric chloride
plastic container
electrical or masking tape

Steps in making your  PCB:

printing using photo-paper

1. Using photo-paper print your circuit diagram  using laser printer or any printer that uses toner as ink.
If you dont have laser printer, print your circuit diagram in any printer using bond paper.Then photocopy the printed bond paper in photocopier machine using the photo-papar
making sure pcb doesn't move

2.Clean the copper pcb bord and place the printed side to the copper side of pcb board. Place electrical tape or masking tape to avoid movement.
ironing the photo-paper
removing pcb from paper

3.Iron the photo-paper  and remove the photo-paper when the print sticks on the copper
plastic container and ferric chloride

dissolving non-printed copper in pcb

4. Pour ferric chloride to plastic or cermic container and place the pcb on it. wait untill the non-printed side of copper dissolves.
final pcb

5.Rinse the pcb with water and dry.
6. You can start drilling holes and solder electronic parts in it.
final pcb on circuit 


  1. Can I use X-ray paper or any other papers in place of Photo paper as i am not getting it...
    can u tell me any other name of this paper?

  2. what software do u use to convert your schematic to pcb layer

  3. @Suman Mallick, photo paper is also known as glossy paper.