13 Simple Audio Amplifier using 317IC

Another simple audio amplifier circuit, but this time it uses LM317 regulator IC. The amp can deliver 1W power max and needs only few parts.  This circuit is originally from  vegmatic1966 youtube channel.
schematic diagram of LM317 audio amp

Part List:
C1, C3 - 10uF electrolytic capacitor rated 16V
C2 - 470uF electrolytic capacitor rated 16V
R1 - 470 ohms 1/2W
R2 - 10 ohms 2W
POT1 - 5 kilo-ohms potentiometer
SPK - 8 ohms rated 1W speaker
LM317 - 317 or any similar regulator IC

What to do:
After you assembled the circuit above, adjust potentiometer POT1 until the voltage across R2 is half the supply voltage (around 4.5V). Don't forget adding heatsink in your LM317. Check the polarities and pins of the parts before testing.

Part pinouts:
LM317 pinout

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