1 Wireless Power (Witricity) project

Wireless electricity or wireless power transmission is one of the emerging technologies today. The idea of this technology is transmitting power from a source to any receiver using the free space, same as the  TV and  radio transmission or same as your wireless lan or WIFI. Some of the uses as of the moment are for  charging iPod, cellphones, digital cameras, mp3, iPhone and other electronic devices.

How it works:
Wireless power operation

1. Source coil powered by a main supply usually your power outlet
2.Yellow line is  the energy flow from the source that is receiving coil
3.Conducting material that blocks some transmitted energies (blue line)
4.The receiving coil that is connected to the device like your cellphones, iPods, mp3, and others.

Resonant Frequency:

To achieve better wireless power transmission, the Power source must be of the same frequency of receiving coil. 

Power source frequency F1 = Receiving coil frequency F2

F1=F2=  1/(2π√(L2*C2))
         *for  more LC frequency balancing use LC frequency calculator

Resonant transmission
Proposed  project:
Lighting  LED via wireless power

A. Source---5V sine wave or square wave source @135kHz frequency
              *555 IC square wave signal generator is a candidate see more
               on 555 timer ic
B. C2----940nF cap or parallel 2 470nF Mylar or ceramic capacitor
C. L2----1.46uH air coil inductor or 15m  #24AWG magnetic wound 
               @ 2 inches diameter
D. L1---100 turns #20AWG magnetic wire @ 2 inches diameter or larger