7 cellphone call detector using 555 timer

This simple project uses a 555 timer cmos type. It detects an incoming  call from your cellphone by. The output LED will blink when the inductor detects signal from your cellphone. This detected signal is feed through the transistor
an then triggers the 555 timer IC.The voltage output of the timer is then doubled by the 220uF capacitor and
1N4001diode combination.

cellphone call detector schematic
The timer IC used is a CMOS type, inductor is made of  120-150 tuns of #28 magnetic wire wound in a
5cm diameter. All other parts of this project are not critical and can be replaced to its closest value.


  1. thank u somuch for ur help...but ineed a circuit of cellphone detector using ic555

    1. Replace this IC with ne555 timer but you need to provide at least 5v to the IC. Also put a 330R resistor with LED. Other wise it will blow the LED.

  2. can u plz send me schematic diagram of cellphone detector using ic555?
    it will helpful to do my mini project .if its is a simpler circuit i will thankful to you...

  3. This does use a 555 IC. It just uses a CMOS type. It may work a standard 555 but will use more power.