4 Clap Activated Relay or Switch (220V)

This Clap Activated Relay project is similar to clap activated LED lamp. The only difference is you can power
up a 220V lamp  or any 220V equipment using a relay.
220V clap relay switch schematic

The transformer is 220V to 15V -0V-15V transformer of a minimum of 10VA. You can replace the 1N4001 diodes of any types with similar ratings.The relay  is 12V with 5A output current capacity or higher. You can replace also the transistor of any general purpose type.

Note: This clap activated relay   is connected to main supply (220VAC). Do not try to touch the main supply to avoid electrocution or do not try to construct if you do not have any idea in electronics.


  1. thank you, one of the simplest circuit you can find out there.

  2. Is it working double clap or one clap ?

    If i want to work it on double clap what should i do ?

  3. Hi there
    I would like to know how can I change that circuit so that it works on a double clap?

  4. Hello,
    I am a beginner so I was wondering do all the capacitors other then the two polarized 10µF have to be non-polarized? I'm having trouble finding the non-polarized ones.