11 220V led lamp (AC powered LED)

Led lamp circuit diagram

This LED lamp is powered by an ac source available in your outlet.
To build this LED lamp you will need 20 white LED and capacitor.
the Lamp consumes about 4w of power.

Capacitor C1 is mylar type and do not use electrolytic capacitor. Avoid touching any part of the circuit
since it is powered directly to the main ac source.
Capacitor of this LED lamp is as follows:
220nF if ac line is 220V @ 60Hz
270nF if ac line is 220V @ 50Hz
470nF  if ac line is 110V @ 60Hz
578nF  if ac line is 110V @ 60Hz


  1. en este circuito de 220v led lamp(ac powered led) les falto poner el puente rectificador de 4 diodos o asi es este circuito mirenlo antes de hacerlo porque en la entrada veo una polaridad la respuesta mandemela a mi correo josesanchez_24_07@hotmail.com

  2. is this circuit really working its amazing a good energy conservation project

  3. what is the voltage rating for the led's

  4. How many LEDs are suggested? With small number, the transient current during switching ON the circuit may be too high to damage the LEDs. A proper value of resistance in series with the capacitor could be used to limit such transients.

  5. It is working. 20 white LED and its usual forward voltage is around 3V.You can put a 10k resistor in parallel to the capacitor to limit the inrush current

  6. You have mentioned lots of capacitors where are you going to use it the circuit is showing only one capacitor which is c1.

  7. Forget my previous comment , sorry my mistake.

  8. Good day!
    220nF if ac line is 220V @ 60Hz
    270nF if ac line is 220V @ 50Hz
    470nF if ac line is 110V @ 60Hz
    578nF if ac line is 110V @ 60Hz

    meaning if your area has a main supply of 220V @ 60Hz frequency, you will use 220nF for capacitor C1 and replace the value of
    the capacitor depending on your supply.

  9. This circuit don´t need a rectifier? for the input voltaje, for aplying a better continous voltaje in the LEDs?

    1. the LED "Light Emitting DIODE" is a rectifier

  10. Yeah you are right, rectifier is not necessary.