Circuit  below is a simple bug zapper project using voltage multiplier circuit powered by 220v AC. This zapper circuit produces a high voltage (1200V plus) but very minimal current.  The series LED and 100nF capacitor will produce a light that will attract insects. All capacitors are of mylar or paper type.
bug zapper circuit
Part List:
C1 x 5 - 0.47uF
D1 x 5 - 1N4007 or similar
C2 - 100nF if using red LED and 220nF if white LED
LED x 6 - White LED or any color that is very attractive to insects

Warning !! : This bug zapper circuit is directly connected to ac supply and produce a very high voltage and can cause electrocution. Think of your safety before building.


  1. oh thnx alot this helped me in my rsearch

  2. hi, can i know did you build this circuit before? why? i want to know how many voltage is the output, and if i on it for more than 12hrs is't o.k.?

  3. Its okay to use it 12 hours. Do not use it outside where it is exposed to falling debris or to weather (specially rain).
    But to make it safe, try to use it then observe for several hours if there are problems.

  4. ok sir capacitors voltage is not important?

  5. What component do I need to change if I am living in a country where the power supply is 110v 60Hz. Or better yet, if is it possible to modify it to use a D size battery or a 9V battery? Thanks for your reply.

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  7. Dear Sir,
    The Circuit is very good. Tell me for Capacitor Voltage.
    Thank You!

  8. i need 4kv output what to change in this circuit?

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