2 Voltage Multiplier Circuit

The use of this circuit is multiply the input peak voltage twice (voltage doubler), thrice (voltage trippler) and or even much higher.
How this works:
1. During the first negative half cycle, diode D1 is on and capacitor C1 is charged to the negative peak voltage (100V) of the source. I recommend to see how the diode works.
2. During the next positive half cycle D1 is open and D2 is close and thus charging C2, making the voltage across point B (marked green) twice (200V) the peak value of the input.
3. During the next negative half cycle C3 is charged; and the next positive half C4 is charged.
4. The output voltage of the circuit below is in voltage output diagram. See the color of markings and output to make analysis easier.
voltage multiplier circuit
voltage output diagram
The circuit will work only in sinewave, square-wave or similar signals except DC. You can further increase the output voltage by just adding capacitor and diode only.

Sample projects using multiplier circuit:
Bug zapper circuit - output more than thousand of volts
Mosquito electric racket -  transforms 3V to several thousand volts.


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