10 Mosquito Racket Circuit

This circuit is a high voltage generator using a 3V battery. It is used as a bug or mosquito zapper and in a racket form. The circuit is composed of two main parts, the inverter and the voltage multiplier circuit. The inverter is the one responsible of converting 3V DC to 400V square wave. The inverter circuit is the Q, R, and Tr in the circuit.
Another part of the circuit is the voltage multiplier circuit which is composed of diode D and capacitor C combination. The use of this circuit is to convert the 400V square wave voltage to thousand volts DC.
3V zapper circuit
commercial mosquito racket
2N2222 and 9013 pinout

Part List:
R - 1.2 kilo ohms 1/4W
Q - 2N2222, CS9013, or higher power capacity NPN transistor
C - 100nF Mylar capacitor or any type rated 1000V minimum
D - 1N4007 or diode with minimum 1000V inverse voltage rating
Tr - See info below.
Bat - 3V battery (2 x AA cells)
Sw - preferably push button or just ordinary switch

You can recycle the transformer core from an old CFL. You can use any core, the toroidal or the E type ferrite core. The primary windings P1 and P2 have 15 turns of #28AWG magnetic wire each. The secondary or high voltage winding S1 is a 450 turns of #36AWG magnetic wire.

recycle the core
Note: This not a toy, do not play with it. Avoid touching the output pins since its high voltage and can give you a kick.


  1. he website was how do i say it… relevant, finally something that helped me. Many thanks

  2. Thank you for this schematic! It was so hard to find a diagram of this. Also note, if you use a toroid core, you don't necessarily need 450 turns for the HV coil. Toroid's are the best.

  3. Thank you. I think I understand the capacitor/diode ladder, but...

    can you explain to me how the two transistors produce the square wave in this circuit that is then presented to the transformer primary coils?

  4. well i dont know if it is correct, but seems to be a biestable circuit, like this one, im saying that i dont know cuz in this schematic, misses the capacitors, here the link:
    is used to convert the dc to a pulsant dc, for the transformer.

  5. Yo utilice unos D882 y me da entre 900v-1Kv a la salida del transformador.


    1. me podrias dar las espesificaciones de todos los componentes que usaste por favor?? hiciste el transformador?? utilizaste este diagrama? disculpa tanta pregunta, pero responde por favor

  6. Hey can anyone please tell me the name and exact specifications of the transformer used in this circuit.Else please suggest some standard transformer which can be used in this circuit.

  7. what will happen if I change the input 3V to higher voltage?

  8. Hello Sir,
    I have manufacturing the mosquito Racket but i have facing a one problem in it that transformer output winding is short after 10 to 15 times spark.

    Pls tell what change i have to do in transformer ?

  9. hi,sir i have that device mosquito rachet,and i use for almost 3 months,the problem is the led is not workin if its turn on a switch,and also if you hit mosquitoes its still flying,