0 Two transistor LED Flasher

One of the simplest led flasher circuit and that can be used as indicator circuit and decoration lighting.  Has a wide range of voltage supply ranges from 3V up to 12V DC. The circuit draws about 10mA from a 6V battery, thus consumes very low power. The parts also are minimal and very cheap. The drawback of this flasher is its good only for LEDs unlike the power Mosfet flasher that can power high power LEDs and even a 30W bulb (30W @ 12V).
Flasher Schematic
Part List:
R1 - 390 ohms 1/4W
R2 - 56 kilo ohms 1/4W
C - see Time vs capacitance table below
Q - 2N2222, CS9013 or any similar NPN transistor
LED - RED or any 3mm or 5mm low power LED
Bat - preferably 6V battery (3V to 12V will do also)
2N2222 or CS9013 pins
Flash rate:
Based on trial an error using the parts used above, the approximate flash duration T of both LED is around 0.56*R2*C.
Flash duration T diagram of  both LED
Time vs capacitance table


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