0 Switchable DC Power Supply

This is a simple way of converting your standard DC source in a switchable power supply unit. Shown below is a simple circuit using a discrete regulator out from a transistor and zener diode combination. The circuit can deliver a maximum current of 1A (higher current if modified) at an output of 3v, 6V, 9V, and 12V.
Regulator schematic
Part List:
R - 56 ohms 5W (3W is the minimum)
Q - TIP41C, 2N3055 or similar NPN transistor
D1 - 1N4728A, or 3.3V zener diode rated 1W
D2, D3, D4 - 1N5225B, or 3V zener diode rated 0.5W minimum
Fuse - 1A fuse
DC input - 14V to 18V DC source
2N3055 pins
TIP41C pins
Note:Transistor must have a heatsink. You can add capacitors across the input and output terminals for better regulation and clean DC output.


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