0 In-Circuit fuse tester

The idea is similar to simple voltage probe but this time it will be used to test fuse in automotive, vehicle fuses, and other DC devices. The good thing in this tester is you can test the fuse without removing it from its holder. When one of the LEDs is on, it means fuse is broken, otherwise the fuse is okay.

Part List:
R - 1.2 kilo ohms 1/4W
LED - 3mm or 5mm Red or any low power LED
P1 - probe or just ordinary wire
LED pins

Note: You can use this also in AC but the voltage is not more than 25V (AC or DC). You can use also a blown fuse indicator that is built in or embedded directly in your circuit. If you are planning to test fuses with voltages higher than 25V, I recommend using the simple voltage probe.


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