1 Simple blown fuse indicator

Have you tried wasting your time troubleshooting your equipment and to find out its just a blown fuse? Well this simple circuit indicator might help you not to experience that again. Two versions are  shown below.
simple blown fuse schematic
The two LEDs above will light up when fuse is broken. Circuit below is an improved fuse indicator, which at normal operation LED2 is on and LED1 is off. When the fuse is broken, LED1 is on and LED2 is off.
improved blown fuse indicator

Part List: (improved fuse indicator)
D - 1N4007 or similar diode
LED1- yellow or  any LED with higher forward voltage than LED1
LED2- red or any LED with much lower forward voltage than LED2
R-100 kilo-ohms


  1. You gotta be kidding me... Is this a joke?