1 Parallel Resistor Calculator

Parallel combination of resistors R1, R2, R3 and up to Rn can be converted into 1 equivalent resistance Rtotal. This conversion is very helpful specially when you are solving electronics or circuit problems or even analyzing schematics.But the conversion of the resistor combination may take you some time. Thus i made a simple calculator to lessen your job.

parallel resistors conversion jpg

How to use the calculator:
1. Input values of resistors and its units. If you need only to use less than seven (7) resistor combination, just leave the other values blank. But you must input your values in order such R1,then R2,next R3 and etch. The values that you leave blank must be at the lower portion.

how to use jpg.

2. Click calculate button to solve
3. Reset values by clicking Clear Input button and you can try again.

Resistor 1 :     
Resistor 2 :     
Resistor 3 :     
Resistor 4 :     
Resistor 5 :     
Resistor 6 :     
Resistor 7 :     
Resistance :     


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