1 Battery Life Calculator

This calculator helps us to estimate how long  battery charge will last based on the current consumption of  device.In reverse, we can determine the ratings of a battery based on the current consumption of the load and time required for device operation. In this calculator, you can choose different units such as hours or minutes for the time; milli-Ampere or Ampere for the current; and milli-Ampere-Hour or Ampere-Hour for battery rating.
Simple circuit using battery

Note: Calculator result is based only on estimation and does not guarantee accurate values, since battery life or charge involves many factors such as environment temperature,nature of load and others.

How to use:
1. Input two values such as battery capacity rating and device current
     consumption, and other combination.
2. Choose the units for every values.
3. Click Calculate button to see the result
4. Click Clear Input button to clear all values and you can try again.

Battery capacity rating     
Device current consumption     
Battery will last about     


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