2 Broken Fuse Indicator using LED and transistor

Sometimes we found ourselves in great difficulty troubleshooting an
equipment. The funny thing is, upon spending so much time in front of
a defective circuit, the problem is only a broken fuse.

This simple project has a visual indicator in a form of LED
that help us know that the fuse is broken.
blown-fuse indicator schematic
This indicator circuit consists only 4 electronic components :
1. general purpose PNP transistor (ex. 9012,2N3906, others)
NPN transistor pins

2. LED or the light indicator
LED pins
3. general purpose silicon diode (1N4001, 1N4007, others)
    the cathode or negative is with white or gray band.
silicon Diode

4. 0.25W 100kilo-ohms resistor for transistor biasing.For resistor color
    you can use online resistor color code calculator.
100k resistor

The broken fuse indicator circuit can only be used with an input voltage
ranges from 6V to 15V dc.