1 Light controlled Power LED

This LED lighting circuit is powered directly to the  main source (110VAC or 220VAC). The LED light automatically adjust its light ouput depending on the light intensity of the environment. During the day, it produces less light and consumes less power about 600mW. During the  night or when area is in darkness, its brightness increases. The circuit consumes about 25mA or around 5W of power.
Light-controlled Power LED
The LED Lighting is very easy to construct and requires very cheap materials.
Part List:
C1 -  270nF (prefferably mylar type)
D1,D2,D3,D4 -  1N4001 (any with breakdown voltage more than 450V )
R2 - 100K
R1 - 1K
R3 - LDR
Q1 - 9013 (any general purpose npn transistor)
LED - white LED (5-20 in series)

Note: The LED lighting circuit is directly connected to the main source thus very dangerous. Avoid touching any part when its connected to AC source or right after its disconnected (capacitor may still hold some energy). Do not assemble also if you are not familiar or has little knowledge in electronics.


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