0 simple Fluorescent inverter project

This simple fluorescent inverter project powered by 555 timer IC is used to drive defective fluorescent tube.
As we know,fluorescent tube contains mercury that is dangerous to health. improper disposal of this tube is not good to environment and to health, thus recycling is a good choice.

The use of 555 timer IC is to generate square wave voltage of about 4.8kHz and the the primary winding (16 turns of #22 AWG) will generate current pulses of about 4A, and in return will induce a a high voltage at the secondary winding (350 turns of #30 AWG) of the inverter. This voltage is enough to strike the fluorescent tube even if the filament is not heated thus very suitable to tubes with broken filaments ( burnt out filaments).

For higher power applications, adjust the 4.7k resistor and rewind the transformer. Feel free to modify the circuit and do some experiment.


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