0 cheap 6 V to 12V converter

This electronic project is a cheap  6V to12V dc-dc converter that is easy to assemble.
The converter circuit is composed of simple oscillator, a rectifier, and voltage regulator. The feedback winding F is composed 4 turns of #24 AWG magnetic wire and main winding P is composed of 10 turns of #24 AWG wire. The 12V zener ( i used 13.2V zener) diode and 470uF capacitor regulates the output voltage and maintain it to 12V dc.but keep in mind that larger capacitance in its output is much better  but I used smaller capacitance since its cheaper but still works well. The converter consumes about 2.8A at 6V in its input deliver about 1A at 12V in its output and about 70% efficient in resistive loads. you can add a series 1k resistor and LED at the output for output indicator.
The parts minimal and very cheap (about 1$) and easy to find.
The windings are not critical,you can experiment using different number of turns. If ever the converter dont have any output, try to reverse the winding connection.


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