2 Common TO92 Transistors

TO92 pins
Basically transistors in this package are low cost, low power and general purpose types. The list below are the common transistors in TO-92 casing.
Transistor coding
A - Transistor name
B - Maximum Power Dissipation
C - Maximum Collector to Emitter voltage
D - Maximum Operating Frequency
E - Maximum Collector Current
F - Transistor common use

NPN Transistor 
1402  0.4W 50V 175MHz 0.15A Driver
1502  0.25W 30V 550MHz 0.03A FM/RF
1702  0.6W 30V 120MHz 0.8A Audio Power
8050  25V 1A
9011  0.4W 30V 100MHz 0.05A AM/FM/IF
9013  0.625W 25V 0.8A Audio power
9014  0.625W 50V 150MHz 0.15A Driver
9016  0.4W 20V 400MHz 25mA Low-Noise RF
9018  0.625W 12V
9418  25V 1.5A
9626  Gen. Purpose Small Signal
9632  0.35W 30V 0.1A
2N2925  0.2W 25V 125MHz 0.1A
2N2926  0.2W 18V 125MHz 0.1A
2N3391  0.2W 25V 250MHz 0.1A
2N3393  0.2W 25V 125MHz 0.1A
2N3415  0.36W 25V 250MHz 0.1A
2N3416  0.36W 50V 250MHz 0.1A
2N3417  0.36W 50V 125MHz 0.1A
2N3565A  0.25W 25V 40MHz 0.25A
2N3643  0.3W 30V 250MHz 0.5A
2N3646  0.2W 15V 350MHz 0.3A
2N3704  0.36W 30V 100MHz 0.05A
2N3707  0.25W 30V 0.1mA
2N3904  0.625W 40V 100MHz 0.2A

PNP Transistor
1602  0.4W 50V 150MHz 0.15A Driver
1802  0.6W 30V 120MHz 0.8A Audio Power
8550  20V 1A
9012  0.625W 25V 0.8A Audio Power
9015  0.625W 50V 150MHz 0.15A Driver
9462  25V 0.6A
9484  50V 0.6A
2N3638A  0.3W 25V 150MHz 0.3A
2N3645  0.3W 60V 200MHz 0.5A
2N3702  0.3W 25V 100MHz 0.05A
2N3905  0.625W 40V 200MHz 0.2A
2N3906  0.625W 40V 250MHz 0.2A

Note: Some data are from Alexan electronics


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