3 Modified 220V Dimmer Circuit

The use of this circuit is similar to simple dimmer but this one is much improve and much safer to use. You can use this to control the brightness of the incandescent lamp and other devices powered by 220V AC.
dimmer schematic
Triac Pinout
Part List:
R1, R2 - 1.2 kilo ohms 1W
R3 - 120 ohms 1/2W
POT - 100 kilo potentiometer
C1 - 47nF capacitor mylar or poly rated 1000V
C2, C3 - 100nF capacitor mylar or poly rated 1000V
Diac - HT32 or similar Diac
Triac - BT136 or similar Triac (BT139 for above 1000W load)
LOAD - filament lamp or similar Load
Fuse - dependent on the load (for protection)

Note: Do not build or use this if you don't have any idea in electrical or electronics. This project is not safe for beginners and voltage involve is dangerous and can cause electrocution. Do not exceed the load to more than 600W (220VAC).


  1. How is the connection for the diac? Can we use db3 instead of ht32? Thanks

  2. Hize explotar mi casa