2 LM317 lamp flasher

Another simple flasher circuit that is good for car or vehicle use since its powered by 12V car battery.

Part List:

C1 - 4.7uF electrolytic capacitor rated 16V
C2, C3, C4 - see Flash Rate vs RC table
R1, R2, R3 - see Flash Rate vs RC table
Lamp - 12V bulb maximum 15W power
317 - LM317 or similar regulator IC
Flash Rate vs RC table
Rate is the frequency of the flasher. Changing the values of RC changes the rate. R is the resistance value of R1, R2, R3; and C is the value of C2, C3, and C4.

Similar Flashers:
Bulb Flasher - 12W bulb flasher using power BJT
LED Flasher using 555
Lamp Flasher using FET - high current flasher for bulb or LED


  1. Simple and funcional circuit. I used with LED of high power.