1 Simple Bass and Treble control circuit

This bass-treble control is one of the simplest since no IC or transistor is needed. It can be constructed by purely resistor and capacitor combination only, and no power supply needed. Potentiometer R2 is for bass control while R4 is for treble.
Bass-Treble circuit diagram
Part List:

R1, R3 - 560 ohms 1/4W
R2, R4 - 50 kilo ohms potentiometer
R5 - 3.3 kilo-ohms 1/4W
C1, C6 - 3.3uF rated 16V
C2 - 47nF
C3 - 2.2nF
C4 - 22nF
C5 - 470nF

Note:  The circuit does not have any built in buffer, thus its expected that the output sound is much lower than the input.


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