15 12V to 48V power supply using 555

This project is a DC-DC converter that outputs 48V using your 12V battery.  The driver of this converter is the 555 IC operated in astabe mode and has an output frequency of around 600Hz at 58% duty cycle (see 555 calc on how this one is computed) This project is similar to 12-48V but has more stable and regulated output.
Improvised converter schematic
Part list: 
R1 - 4 kilo-ohms 1/4W
R2 - 10 kilo-ohms 1/4W
R3 - 10 kilo-ohms 1/4W
R4 - 2.2 kilo-ohms 1/4W
R5 - 2.5 kilo-ohms 1/4W
R6 - 120 ohms 1W
C1 - 100nF
C2 - 100nF
C3 - 1000uF rated 50V or higher
C4 - 1000uF rated 16V or higher
D1 - 1N5401 or any diode rated 3A or higher
D2 - 1N4756A,1N5368B or 47V zener
D3 - 1N4740A, 1N5346B or any 8.2V to 9.1V zener
D4 - 1N4001 or similar
Q1 - IRF530 N-chanel MOSFET
Q2 - 2n3055
L1 - 40 turns #22AWG magnet wire in antenna rod
LED - 3mm to 5mm any color LED
555 IC

Diagrams click to enlarge:
555IC pins
Inductor wound in antenna bar
IRF530 pins
2N3055 pins

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  1. hi , i realy like this web page! its easy to build an well explained, great 4 learning! thanks all

  2. somehow i can't get it to work. :/ and when i remove the 2n3055 it seems to work fine. but i cant get it to reach 48 v and when i put a load (pc fan) it goes from 22v (i dont know why 22:/) down to 13v. plz can any one help me? thnx in advantage. :)

  3. (The same anonymous above) plz can you help me? i want this project to work within the month! im kind noob on these things especially how they work so i cant modify this thing. it would be nice if anyone could answer me asap. thnx again. :) (last comment. i dont want to spam.) nice site btw, and wide variety of circuits! good job :D

  4. First try removing D4, R6 and D3. Just connect pin 4 and 8 to the battery and test the circuit's output voltage if there improvements.

    If the output is still too low, just replace the value of R1 any value from 4K to 20K Increasing its value increases its output. Or just replace the resistor R1 with 20K potentiometer (variable resistor) and adjust it so the output voltage will vary.
    Increasing the number of Inductor turns is also a good way of adding stability to the circuit. another thing is re-check the connections and values of the parts.
    Just inform me if there are improvements or not so i can help you.
    Sorry for late reply , really busy lately with my work.

  5. thanx for aswering. :D i will try the circuit again and inform you if there are improvements. thanx for your time. i appreciate this. :D

  6. ok i removed the D4,D3 and R6 and did see a small improvement but i couldnt reach the 48v with the fan connected.then i replaced the R1 with a potentiometer and i think i buned the Q1.but before it burned the votage with the fan connected reached a 13,5-14. i dont know what went wrong but something did. i have an 3 AMP meter connected and it maxed out when i put the potetiometer. maybe i put a wrong one. could this be the problem? and finally im using a 12v 9Ah lead-acid battery and i want to know how many amps can put out this circuit with the max voltage.(for example 48v 2-3amps?) thanx for helping. i hope it will work in the end... (im trying to make a dc to dc converter work for months and so far everythig went wrong :( )

  7. Try replacing C1 with 10nF capacitor and see what will happen.

    Remove D4, D3, and R6.Replace the potentiometer with the original value of R1 (4k). Then remove D2, R4 and Q2 and test the output if it near 48V. And test it with C1 is 10nF.

  8. ok i will try this and let you know. but i ran out of IRF530s so i will try this again at the weekend. thanx very much so far.:)

  9. hi,
    plz, can you show me the value of the inductor?

  10. What input voltage is accepted? because i can deliver 11-13 volts, and i need to step up to a stable 48 volts.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. The input voltage required is 12V, 11v to 13V voltage will also do.

  12. Even when the circuit load draws 2.7A current. Is this normal? And IRF530 gets very hot.


  13. can u pls post a 12vdc -350vdc diagram

  14. can i get a 12v-34v dc converter