8 High voltage generator using 9V

This simple project works similar as a stun gun circuit that converts 9V dc to a very high voltage pulses.

1-9V bat
1-transformer (see diagram below)
1-tip41c transistor of similar power transistor (see pinouts below)
1-100nF capacitor
1-10Mega-ohms resistor
1-1kilo-ohms resistor

High voltage generator schematic
ferrite core winding transformer

Tip 41c pinout

Winding the transformer:
Winding A to C is 30 turns #22AWG magnetic wire center tap at B, making winding AB and BC 15 turns each. Use ferrite bar or antenna bar as the winding core. After winding A,B and C, start winding the output windings above it using #26AWG or #28AWG magnetic wire 300 turns.
You can use any transformer with center tap available.

Note: This circuit can generate a very high voltage that can cause electric shock. This is not a toy , don't play with this circuit.


  1. This might be the thing I need for my battery powered tesla coil.

  2. Yeah, this one of the basic high voltage generator circuit that uses only minimal parts. even simpler than using 555 timer

  3. I've done it, but it does not work.
    How much ferrite bar's size?
    Please, help me. Thank you very much!

  4. Ordinary ferrite bar or antenna bar will do. Try reversing the connection of the winding. no output meaning no oscillation in the circuit, which is usually due to reverse winding connection.

  5. I tried again, but very weak electric current output. Touching no sensation of shock.
    if anyone has been successful, please provide detailed guidance (with video as well).
    Thank you!

  6. what is the 10Meg resistor for?

  7. How to calculate primary winding

  8. What frequency does this circuit operate?