1 High current 5V regulated power supply

The 7805 IC or 5V regulator has a maximum current of 1.5A.  By adding transistor and resistor, you can increase its current capacity. The circuit below can deliver a current up to 5A at a regulated 5V supply, with just minimal modification.
Power supply schematic diagram
Part List:
R - 4.7 ohms resistor 1/2W
Q - MJ2955 or similar power PNP transistor
C1 - 22uF rated 16V (must be higher if DC is unregulated)
C2 - 22uF rated 10V (optional)
Fuse – 6 Amps rated fuse  or near values
DC – 9V to 15V dc supply
7805 regulator IC

Part list diagram: click pictures to enlarge
7805 pinouts
MJ2955 pinouts
The modification is a great help in solving the 1.5A limit of the regulator. You can further increase its capacity even higher by just cascading or paralleling more transistor and resistor in the circuit. See schematic diagram below.
High current 5V schematic diagram


  1. Hi friend,
    i want 6v 5amp minimum using 7806