0 Bulb Flasher

This flasher can be used as traffic alert or hazard indicator when repairing something on roads.The bulb flashes around 1.2Hz frequency, slow rate but enough to be noticed even at a distance. You can use 6V or 12v battery and any bulb with power rating of 5W to 12W.

Flasher schematic

TIP41 pinout
Part List:
C1-1000uF 16V
R1-5 kilo-ohms
Q1-2N3906, 2N2907  or any similar PNP transistor
R2-200 kilo-ohms
R3-33 kilo-ohms
D1-1N4002 or 1N4007
C2-22uF or 33uF 16V
Q2-TIP41c or TIP31c
Bulb-5W to 12W (6V/12V)
S1-any switch with minimum 1A rating
Bat-6V to 12V battery


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