1 Cheap Microcontroller Power Supply

This project is a Cheap Power Supply for microcontroller. 
It is composed only of a transistor and zener diode that regulates
the output voltage to about 5V (within 2.5 to 5.5V voltage range
of microcontroller).

Power Supply schematic diagram
It can regulate up to 500mW of power, which large enough to 
power a microcontroller of both PIC and ATMEL. The incoming voltage
can be from a battery or a converter.

Power Supply materials
1. C - 1000uF/16V electrolytic cap
2. R1 - 1.2-ohms/0.5W resistor
3. 1kilo-ohms 0.25-0.5W resistor
4. zener - 5.6V zener (1N5232B or 1N4734A)
5.NPN - general purpose npn transistor (2N2222 or 9013)

note: do not use this power supply if you are requiring more than 500mW.


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