0 5x7 LED dot matrix character Map

The table below is character map of 5x7 Led dot matrix. It is a useful lookup table specially when your a planning to build a moving message or character display powered by microcontroller. This binary equivalent of  alphanumeric characters can also be used in LED display signage and advertisements.

0B00000000, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, 0B00000000,//space
0B00000000, 0B00000000, 0B01111001, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, //exclamation_mark
0B00000000, 0B01110000, 0B00000000, 0B01110000, 0B00000000, //double_quotes
0B00010100, 0B01111111, 0B00010100, 0B01111111, 0B00010100, //hash
0B00010010, 0B00101010, 0B01111111, 0B00101010, 0B00100100, //dollar_sign
0B01100010, 0B01100100, 0B00001000, 0B00010011, 0B00100011, //percent
0B00110110, 0B01001001, 0B01010101, 0B00100010, 0B00000101, //ampersand
0B00000000, 0B01010000, 0B01100000, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, //apostrophe
0B00000000, 0B00011100, 0B00100010, 0B01000001, 0B00000000, //left_parenthesis
0B00000000, 0B01000001, 0B00100010, 0B00011100, 0B00000000, //right_parenthesis
0B00010100, 0B00001000, 0B00111110, 0B00001000, 0B00010100, //asterisk
0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B00111110, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, //plus
0B00000000, 0B00000101, 0B00000110, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, //comma
0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, //minus
0B00000000, 0B00000011, 0B00000011, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, //full_stop
0B00000010, 0B00000100, 0B00001000, 0B00010000, 0B00100000, //forward_slash
0B00111110, 0B01000101, 0B01001001, 0B01010001, 0B00111110, //zero
0B00000000, 0B00100001, 0B01111111, 0B00000001, 0B00000000, //one
0B00100001, 0B01000011, 0B01000101, 0B01001001, 0B00110001, //two
0B01000010, 0B01000001, 0B01010001, 0B01101001, 0B01000110, //three
0B00001100, 0B00010100, 0B00100100, 0B01111111, 0B00000100, //four
0B01110010, 0B01010001, 0B01010001, 0B01010001, 0B01001110, //five
0B00011110, 0B00101001, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B00000110, /six
0B01000000, 0B01000111, 0B01001000, 0B01010000, 0B01100000, //seven
0B00110110, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B00110110, //eight
0B00110000, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B01001010, 0B00111100, //nine
0B00000000, 0B00110110, 0B00110110, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, //colon
0B00000000, 0B00110101, 0B00110110, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, //semicolon
0B00001000, 0B00010100, 0B00100010, 0B01000001, 0B00000000, //less_than
0B00010100, 0B00010100, 0B00010100, 0B00010100, 0B00010100, //equals
0B00000000, 0B01000001, 0B00100010, 0B00010100, 0B00001000, //greater_than
0B00100000, 0B01000000, 0B01000101, 0B01001000, 0B00110000, //question_mark
0B00100110, 0B01001001, 0B01001111, 0B01000001, 0B00111110, //at
0B00111111, 0B01000100, 0B01000100, 0B01000100, 0B00111111, //A
0B01111111, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B00110110, //B
0B00111110, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B00100010, //C
0B01111111, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B00100010, 0B00011100, //D
0B01111111, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B01000001, //E
0B01111111, 0B01001000, 0B01001000, 0B01001000, 0B01000000, //F
0B00111110, 0B01000001, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B00101111, //G
0B01111111, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B01111111, //H
0B00000000, 0B01000001, 0B01111111, 0B01000001, 0B00000000, //I
0B00000010, 0B00000001, 0B01000001, 0B01111110, 0B01000000, //J
0B01111111, 0B00001000, 0B00010100, 0B00100010, 0B01000001, //K
0B01111111, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, //L
0B01111111, 0B00100000, 0B00011000, 0B00100000, 0B01111111, //M
0B01111111, 0B00010000, 0B00001000, 0B00000100, 0B01111111, //N
0B00111110, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B00111110, //O
0B01111111, 0B01001000, 0B01001000, 0B01001000, 0B00110000, //P
0B00111110, 0B01000001, 0B01000101, 0B01000010, 0B00111101, //Q
0B01111111, 0B01001000, 0B01001100, 0B01001010, 0B00110001, //R
0B00110001, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B01001001, 0B01000110, //S
0B01000000, 0B01000000, 0B01111111, 0B01000000, 0B01000000, //T
0B01111110, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B01111110, //U
0B01111100, 0B00000010, 0B00000001, 0B00000010, 0B01111100, //V
0B01111110, 0B00000001, 0B00001110, 0B00000001, 0B01111110, //W
0B01100011, 0B00010100, 0B00001000, 0B00010100, 0B01100011, //X
0B01110000, 0B00001000, 0B00000111, 0B00001000, 0B01110000, //Y
0B01000011, 0B01000101, 0B01001001, 0B01010001, 0B01100001, //Z
0B00000000, 0B01111111, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B00000000, //left_square
0B00100000, 0B00010000, 0B00001000, 0B00000100, 0B00000010, //back_slash
0B00000000, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B01111111, 0B00000000, //right_square
0B00010000, 0B00100000, 0B01000000, 0B00100000, 0B00010000, //circumflex
0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, //underscore
0B00000000, 0B01000000, 0B00100000, 0B00010000, 0B00000000, //grave_accent
0B00000010, 0B00010101, 0B00010101, 0B00010101, 0B00001111, //a
0B01111111, 0B00001001, 0B00001001, 0B00001001, 0B00000110, //b
0B00001110, 0B00010001, 0B00010001, 0B00010001, 0B00010001, //c
0B00000110, 0B00001001, 0B00001001, 0B00001001, 0B01111111, //d
0B00001110, 0B00010101, 0B00010101, 0B00010101, 0B00001101, //e
0B00000000, 0B00001000, 0B00111111, 0B01001000, 0B00100000, //f
0B00001001, 0B00010101, 0B00010101, 0B00010101, 0B00011110, //g
0B01111111, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B00000111, //h
0B00000000, 0B00000000, 0B00101111, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, //i
0B00000010, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B01011110, 0B00000000, //j
0B00000000, 0B01111111, 0B00000100, 0B00001010, 0B00010001, //k
0B00000000, 0B01000001, 0B01111111, 0B00000001, 0B00000000, //l
0B00011111, 0B00010000, 0B00001110, 0B00010000, 0B00011111, //m
0B00011111, 0B00001000, 0B00010000, 0B00010000, 0B00001111, //n
0B00001110, 0B00010001, 0B00010001, 0B00010001, 0B00001110, //o
0B00011111, 0B00010100, 0B00010100, 0B00010100, 0B00001000, //p
0B00001000, 0B00010100, 0B00010100, 0B00010100, 0B00011111, //q
0B00011111, 0B00001000, 0B00010000, 0B00010000, 0B00001000, //r
0B00001001, 0B00010101, 0B00010101, 0B00010101, 0B00010010, //s
0B00010000, 0B00010000, 0B01111110, 0B00010001, 0B00010010, //t
0B00011110, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B00000001, 0B00011110, //u
0B00011100, 0B00000010, 0B00000001, 0B00000010, 0B00011100, //v
0B00011110, 0B00000001, 0B00000110, 0B00000001, 0B00011110, //w
0B00010001, 0B00001010, 0B00000100, 0B00001010, 0B00010001, //x
0B00010000, 0B00001001, 0B00000110, 0B00001000, 0B00010000, //y
0B00010001, 0B00010011, 0B00010101, 0B00011001, 0B00010001, //z
0B00001000, 0B00110110, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B00000000, //leftcurly
0B00000000, 0B00000000, 0B01111111, 0B00000000, 0B00000000, //vertline
0B00000000, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B00110110, 0B00001000, //rightcurly
0B00000100, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B00001000, 0B00010000, //tilde
0B01111111, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B01000001, 0B01111111}; //del


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