1 12V to 5V DC converter using 7805 regulator IC

12V to 5V DC converter using 7805 regulator IC jpg
5V regulator schematic

This simple converter project uses 7805 IC to convert 12VDC from battery to 5V DC. This converter also can be made even only one component, the 7805 regulator. Converter can produce a maximum current of 1.5A (with heatsink) at 5V from an input of 8V to 25V. This is suitable for powering devices that uses 5V DC such as chargers, USB devices, microcontrollers and others. This converter is perhaps one of the simplest, but lots of power is generated as heat (don't forget the heatsink!!). If you need a converter with much higher efficiency, try the 5V converter using LM2671 IC.
You can modify the circuit also into high current 5V regulated  PSU  and increase its current output capacity from 1.5A to 5A or more.

Part List:
LM7805 IC
C - 220uF electrolytic capacitor rated 25V or higher
0.01uF - or higher value of electrolytic capacitor.

LM7805 pins
Note: The capacitors can be removed if you are sure that the DC supply is regulated or it is coming from a battery.