4 motor speed control by transistor

This motor speed control is very cheap, simple, and easy to assemble since its control unit is only a transistor.The transistor is TIP41C or any type of the same specification and current capacity.The voltage is about 12V DC or more and motor type is 6-12V and max current of 3A.
You can control the speed of motor by adjusting the potentiometer. Increasing the resistance means decreasing the speed while decreasing the resistance means increasing the speed.
Because of its simplicity, anyone can make this project and assemble it even if not an electronic hobbyist.

motor speed control by transistor diagram


  1. i thank you so much for your time to post these circuit diograms on here. thanx again ya awsome ;-)

  2. How much value does potentiometer have??
    500 pot means what 500 ohms or 500 kohm ??

  3. ummm whats the point of using transistor, when adding just the pot serially to motor does the work ?

    1. transistor amplify the current. connecting potentiometer(low power) might burn out or damaged