3 Dual fan CPU temperature controller project

schematic diagram of Dual fan temperature controller project for CPU and computers

This project is all about dual fan temperature controller project for CPU and computer hardware. Similar to CPU fan temperature controller project  this version of  temperature controller is easy to build, materials are minimal and very low cost.

The dual fan controller in this project is composed of a temperature-controlled resistor (thermistor), LM393 voltage comparator (control circuit) and an IRFZ2N4 NPN metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (mosfet).

Initially the fans are at off state when the computer temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius. But when the CPU temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius (105 deg F), fan 1 will activate and starts cooling the CPU. But when the temperature will reach 60 deg Celsius (140 deg F), fan 2 will activate and together with fan 1  they are going to stabilize computer hardware temperature. The fans will continue working until the system temperature backs to normal.
Possible uses of this Dual fan temperature controller project include cooling mother boards, CPU casings, desktop computer hardware and peripherals. Instead of 12VDC, you can increase the input voltage up to 24V for higher power and higher cooling capacity. You can increase also the number of cooling fans depending temperature levels, but it increases also the electronic parts of controller circuit.

The materials of dual fan controller project is listed bellow

materials for cpu temperature controller with dual fan proj


  1. where can i buy the thermistor? and what type of thermistor can i use here? please reply.. need this for my project.=)

  2. Just look for electronics part shop nearest in your place and ask for
    THERMISTOR NTC 100K OHM +-0.50 C
    or just follow address below:

  3. You can look for such electronic parts in a grocery. Or a pharmacy. probably you will find what you are looking for................