3 12V to 6V buck converter using 555 timer IC

This  buck converter is driven by 555 timer IC and converts 12V dc from a battery to 6V dc. The 555 IC  (operated in astable mode ) generates pulses of voltages of 50% duty cycle. This pulses turns the transistor on and off and drives the inductor L (buck converter circuit), and as a result generates 6V dc output. For this configuration,
Ra =18K
Rb =18K
C =10nF
Q = TIP41C or any of the same specs
Cout = 2200uF (higher the better)
L= 40 turns #22AWG magnetic wire on antenna bar
For better regulation, you can add zener diode (1N5233B) across  the output.

converter schematic


  1. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for the 12v to 6v buck converter, could u also post the value of "L".


  2. Inductance l is more than 100uH, the higher the better.
    Or just wind 40 turns of #20AWG magnetic wire in an antenna bar.